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14 Responses to “TTD”

  1. wombok says:

    Wow! This is a really great set Edwin. I am very inspired! Pic no. 4 and 7 are my fav.

  2. allen says:

    where’s the location?

  3. […] posted the second part of our ‘Trash It’ shoot. This part is more of an experiment with location and impromptu […]

  4. Joseph Teo says:

    5th picture got feel hahaha and good angle captcha

  5. Sam says:

    love the photos, love the concept. great job there! ;)

  6. Serene says:

    Bride is too happy lol I love the settings.. the poses.. The lighting and especially the green o.O The water is nice too hehe.. But most of all, the romance in each pic ^^

  7. ahlost says:

    Very nice set of pics !!

    No mosquitoes ka?

  8. edwinlay says:

    Joseph – thank you =)

    Sam – Thank you and I am glad that you love it.

    Serene – Yeah, this place is a nice spot for portrait

    ahlost – Thanks Rose. I am sure there are mozzy, but we used mozzy repellent and we also got a live bait.

  9. phyl'Lis says:

    the pics look lk frm some dream sequence… esp the 7th pic…
    wer’s d location?

  10. edwinlay says:

    phyl – it’s by the roadside near Damai Resort.

  11. Irene says:

    the male model has nice bunga terungs hehehe… well actually the tattoo on the leg’s nicer. love the jungle theme of this shoot! don’t envy the models though. mozzies love me wayyyyyyyyy too much. *shudders*

  12. fly says:

    wow back 2 nature look ..nice n special !! so romance they 2…

  13. ivy says:

    you have caught the touching moment of a pair of couple.
    i love Pic no.11….:)


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